Kavalerie Náchod o.s.

About us ( GB )

Cavalry of Náchod city is a civil association doing a military history from the Middle Age, Baroque and era of Mary Therese, Napoleon´s wars, Prussia-Austrian war on 1866 to WW1. We are using especially managed horses handed for noise, cannonade moving between other units on the battle field as also able to stay calm in the herds in ceremonial procession.

We would like to address this offer to you - to the potential client and promoter of cultural - historical event. This offer presents a work of our historical ridding union with witch we are successfully working for several years in the events around whole Czech Republic.


What could we offer to you?

Participation in riding on the occasion of town celebrations or historic events.

Unit exhibition which shows contemporary military camp with tents, file and rank training in the eras written bellow.

The participation in the reconstruction of historical battle piece and exhibitions.

Client could choose from several eras e.g.:

  • - from 6 to 12 costumed riders from the era of early Middle Age to the era of first Habsburg
  • - up to 8 uniformed riders presented Austrian hussars from the era of Mary Theresse and Joseph II., Austrian hussars from the era of Napoleon´s wars, Austrian cuirassiers from the era of Prussia-Austrian war on 1866, Prussian Guard´s hussars from the same era
  • - 3 Czechoslovakian dragoons from the years 1938 to 1939


Early professional level, special menaged horses and experiented riders are our guarantee of quality performance.


Case of the iterest, you could contact us using an e-mail addresses or write your messag or suggestion into the "discussion".


                                Thank you.